Sunday 18th February 2018    
Specialist Dentistry

At The Syed Janood Ullah Dental Clinics we are delighted to offer a comprehensive range of specialist dental services from our centres of excellence.

Many people will find that all their dental needs are looked after by their general dentist but it is reassuring to know that highly qualified dental specialists are available should you have a particular treatment requirement.




Your Specialist Consultation

There are three ways that you will be introduced to our specialist dental services:

1.    As an existing patient, one of our general dentists will refer you to one of our specialists.

2.As a new patient you can book a specialist consultation directly.

3.As a patient of a practice outwith The Syed Janood Ullah Dental Clinics, your dentist will refer you to The Syed Janood Ullah Dental Clinics for your specialist consultation.

Whichever method you choose, we want your experience to be exceptional.
Your specialist will take time to discuss your particular dental concerns with you. Whether you are interested in dental implants or need a surgical procedure, it is vital that we understand exactly what your wishes for treatment are, so that we can ensure that your outcome exceeds your expectations.

It is likely that dental x-rays, models of your teeth and perhaps special investigations will be required to assist in planning your specialist treatment. 

Once you have been thoroughly examined and your dental specialist has had the opportunity to discuss all the options with you and to help you choose the right treatment, you will receive a fully detailed written treatment plan and a full cost estimate so that you have all the information at your fingertips for this key decision.