Sunday 18th February 2018    

If there is one dental treatment that perfectly captures the 21st century celebrity lifestyle then it has to be dental veneers.

At The Syed Janood Ullah Dental Clinics we are here to help you make the right choices and so we are going to separate the truth from the hype and give you information that you can really rely on about veneers.

All veneers have the following things in common: 

1.    They utilise a tooth coloured material to cover over the visible portion of the tooth. This is usually a very thin layer which can be compared with a false finger nail although massively stronger and more technical to provide.

2.    They rely on special dental adhesive technology for their strength.

3.    They rely on good colour matching and excellent construction to achieve a superior lifelike result that will last for the long term.


At The Syed Janood Ullah Dental Clinics our highly skilled dental professionals are delighted to discuss veneers with you as part of your personal treatment plan. Whether the latest no preparation veneers or traditional veneers we have all the options. You can be rest assured that, should you make the informed choice to have dental veneers, all types will be taken to ensure that the results surpass your expectations.